This photo was made slightly blurry after post-processing but I think you get the gist. The words I would use to describe my photos are: natural, fauna, shape, detail, film (but it isn’t), bright, herbaceous, fertile, terrestrial, and healthy.

History of Photography

  1. The very early works of camera obscures impressed me a lot I mean that must’ve taken lots of patience and dedication because if you moved the box then you have to restart or spend countless minutes fixing it.
  2. Another things that didn’t impress me but intrigue me was how slow innovation took place from the 1600-1800. If it was faster image what we could’ve seen in pictures.
  3. I couldn’t believe that films were used just 20 years ago. I can’t imagine life without digital.


This photo instantly caught ┬ámy attention amongst the bright array of photos on the explore page because of the dark yet light subject and the sun-like background. Also I was immediately attracted to the dark bird on the left instead of the light two on the right of it. I don’t understand why but it reminded me of myself. Not in a negative way. I really like how the birds are drawn or painted as they would be in nature. It almost tells a story of a flock that is in it’s natural state in perhaps a river or lake because the legs are cut off.

Emily Bincoe eye catching photograph

This photo caught my eye because of the contrast of colors. It has a rough white background but the subject, the matches, are two colors: a hellish black, brown, and a soothing peach and light wood color. Also the way the match looks before and after the fire is amazing to me, I guess I never looked at the match that closely once it burned. Also the way the subject as a whole is cut in half by the black caught my attention.

Birds eye/ Bugs eye Diptych

Writing Critique:
Calm, quiet, isolated, determined, hardworking, passionate, hopeful, kind, intelligent, proud, free, ambitious, diligent, adventurous, amusing, dependable, observant, patient, practical, zealous, independent, appreciative, friendly, and witty.

100 most Influential photos of all times, 3 photos and why it intrigues me.

This photo depicts war crimes of Ron Haviv’s group, Tigers. This group told the photographer not to photograph the killings but in a split second decision decided to risk it all and took it. A week later the photos were published by TIME magazine among other photos. I found it interesting the Tiger group allowed the photographer to enter to take photography but expected them not to take photos of the war crimes. I find it stupid how they couldn’t see that it was going to happen.
This photo depicts the U.S/Imperial Japanese battle at Iwo Jima to capture it and make it into an air base. After 21,000 Japanese casualties and 6,800 American casualties Mount Suribachi was captured and a flag was swiftly raised to demoralize the Japanese and boost morale for the Americans. A certain commander ordered for a bigger than normal flag to be raised and so 5 Marines and a navy corpsman raised the flag against the strong winds and war rubble below. The photographer shot this while backing up to get a better angle and almost missed it. I find it interesting that this was almost missed due to weather and wind conditions but it shows the determination of the U.S soldiers.
This photo captures a young Che Guevara that was outspoken against the U.S and later died fighting a guerrilla movement in Bolivia. After his death the Cuban Regime embraced him as a martyr for the rebellion movement that exploded across the world going everywhere to socks to sodas. I find it interesting that when this photo was taken and 7 seven years after, no one knew his name or face. He was just another guerrilla till he died and 7 years later was endorsed by the Cuban regime. He died never knowing his face would be forever in history.