Framing a subject

1. I believe I do have a strong composition when I was framing the little Chavo head because I made it stand out against the all black chair and although the entire photo is in focus which I couldn’t fix he still stands out and is eye catching. When I showed my mother the photo she smiled because I made the little character stand out much like how he did in his show. She recognized the symbolism in that he is a bright light of funny things and hope amongst the dark reality of the children show. Also it can show he still makes people smile despite his actor now being deceased. On the little blue camera photo I also think the composition was good because the blue against the light green background made the subject stand out and the natural frame complimented the subject because they’re both light colors of different contrast.

2. I believe I edited the photos to the best of my ability because I’m a noob at Photopea but I did what I could with the filters and contrast to better attune the photo. I also used an app to help with taking photos which really helped in the blue camera photo. For the second photo I cropped out some distracting background which really helped make the photo that is the little head against the black background. I wasn’t able to edit much about the photo because the only thing that would really change is the subject and I wanted the subject to stay nice and bright/colorful because I really didn’t want to make it black and white because I wanted to keep the symbolism I stated earlier. I believe I edited the Blue photo well because before it was obnoxiously blue and a lot of the left side was still in focus but thanks to photopea I was able to change that.

3. I would go outside to take more photos if I was to do this assignment again.

4. I think at least one of my photos should make it to the page on Edublog’s but I’m not one to put my work above others I’d rather other people do the judging.


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