Automatic modes

– Automatic modes are when cameras automatically adjust the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, focus, and flash. Most digital cameras like those on your cellphone have this.

Portrait mode 

– When using portrait mode the camera will select a wide aperture to create a shallow depth of field in order to keep the background out of focus and keep the focus on the subject being photographed. You may need to get up close to capture the right photo. After all, your only taking focus on one thing.

Macro Mode

– Macro modes are great for capturing flowers, bugs, and anything small that requires a very close up shot. Tripods are more often required because even just moving the camera a couple millimeters will cause it to go out of focus. Macro modes are very delicate when it comes to getting the right things in focus.

Landscape Mode

– A small aperture is used to capture as much as possible in the photo, the opposite of a portrait. This mode often also chooses a slow shutter speed to compensate for the small aperture so a tripod may be necessary at times.

Sports Mode 

 – Sports mode or “Action mode” is used when photographing fast moving objects like wildlife or sports. A higher shutter speed is used to make the image looked like it’s frozen in the middle of the action. Higher mm lenses are also used because the image being captured will have to be taken from a distance away like on the sidelines at sports games.

Night Mode

– When using Night Mode, A slow shutter speed, higher ISO, and a flash is used to capture an image in lowlight settings. When taking more “serious” photography in Night Mode, a tripod might be necessary because the shutter speed is so slow.

Aperture priority mode

– This mode allows you to control the aperture but the camera controls all the other aspects. This mode is most useful when your trying to control the depth of field in a shot.

Shutter priority mode 

– This is like the aperture priority mode except you control the shutter speed and the camera controls everything else. This is most useful when capturing fast moving objects or when you want to capture something like a waterfall.

Program mode

– This is basically Full Auto mode but with some more control. Here, you’re able to control the ISO, flash, white balance, and anything that isn’t the shutter speed or aperture.

Fully Manual Mode

– In this mode, you can control all aspects of the camera. Absolutely Everything! You become a real photographer when this becomes your main mode for photography because you know exactly what you need and when.

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