Battle on Black – Here my pitfall and Yorke, Willie and Coco, are playing on the couch and are at a standstill in their play. This photo was taken place in my upstairs living room.
Puppies in the pandemic – This photo is of one of my unnamed puppies in my backyard playing with my much older pit-bull.
A Happy Christmas – Here me and my older brother are opening gifts in 2007 in my old home. This was a film photo I converted to digital.


  1. Wedding photographer – $34k-$96k
  2. Portrait photographer – $30k-$40k
  3. Product photographer – $32k-$39k dependent on what company
  4. Fashion photographer – $23k-$53k dependent on what company
  5. Landscape photographer – $56k-$84k depending on state or country
  6. Photojournalist – $30k-$35k
  7. Sports Photographer – $29k-$50k depending on sport
  8. Science and speciality photographer – $38k-$68k
  9. Freelance photographer – $20k-$79k depending on what photography and how often
  10. Architecture photographer – $50k                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    If I were to be a photographer, which I likely won’t, I would be a freelance photographer to widen my range of pay because I don’t want to be limited to just landscape or journalism when I can be making money from both and more. I would like to be a toxicologist when I grow up so I can take scientific photography of my lab work which would intrigue public and nonscientific eyes to my work which could benefit me because I could capture photography and even videos/movies of perhaps chemical changes and reactions or interesting looking substances in a microscope or just in a vial.

Aaron Siskind’s work is what I find to be eye-catching, intriguing, and thought provoking. Whenever I see anyone of his works I wonder what it is he capturing and how he can capture such detail of things that seem familiar yet so strange and vague. I’ve begun to wonder what type of lens he uses to capture so much detail and what camera he uses because if I were to shoot photography I know I’d do something similar. I really enjoy how vague and open too transportation the photos are.

Body Shape Form

This photo was made slightly blurry after post-processing but I think you get the gist. The words I would use to describe my photos are: natural, fauna, shape, detail, film (but it isn’t), bright, herbaceous, fertile, terrestrial, and healthy.

History of Photography

  1. The very early works of camera obscures impressed me a lot I mean that must’ve taken lots of patience and dedication because if you moved the box then you have to restart or spend countless minutes fixing it.
  2. Another things that didn’t impress me but intrigue me was how slow innovation took place from the 1600-1800. If it was faster image what we could’ve seen in pictures.
  3. I couldn’t believe that films were used just 20 years ago. I can’t imagine life without digital.